E2-labs, the long lasting saga

03/11/2009 Written by Roberto Preatoni

The long last­ing, Bollywood’s favorite saga between E2-​labs and Zone-​H is far away from being fin­ished. For those heart-​breaking soap-​operas addicted, we have more bits and bytes of today’s India’s hot topic with *spe­cial* mul­ti­me­dia effects. Wel­come to the Web 2.0 world!

Zaki Qureshey

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The rea­son why I decided to write this news is because after my pre­vi­ous three arti­cles about the E2-​labs and Zone-​H saga (at that point E2-labs’s Zaki Qureshey was still think­ing he could get away with minor dam­ages, same as the car-​crash get­away episode) even the Indian press started to write about the topic. At this point, hav­ing both the press and the E2-​labs attend­ing stu­dents start­ing to raise ques­tions, Mr. Qureshey felt a rais­ing pres­sure around him and decided to give me a call. Sorry, a few.

The first call I receved it yes­ter­day at nearly 2 AM my time. Need­less to say, I was asleep and woke me up. I ditched it, telling to Mr. Qureshey to call later as it was night­time. He called back a sec­ond time when it was 5.50 AM, this time I just rejected it. Later on, I received another tele­phone call at 7, but I was in a meet­ing so I could not answer. I got another call this time at 10.30 PM. Again I was asleep, I decided to answer to it but not before let­ting it ring for a while, rush­ing to the nearby room to pick up the dig­i­tal recorder I use in my music live sessions.

In a 31 min­utes of con­ver­sa­tion Mr. Qureshey tried con­tin­u­osly to wash me out by means of his undoubted speech skills but despite such skills I was con­tin­u­osly keep­ing him under pres­sure pre­sent­ing facts to con­trast his vague­ness (a shrink couldn’t per­form bet­ter in vague­ness). And each time I was man­ag­ing to cor­ner him in rela­tion of spe­cific facts, he always man­aged to slip away chang­ing topic. The whole con­ver­sa­tion was basi­cally about me telling him to stop act­ing uneth­i­cally, stop using my image, ask­ing him to remove my face from the bill­boards he placed around Hyder­abad. THAT WAS THE ONLY THING I KEPT REQUEST­ING SINCE THE LAST MONTHS. After 31 min­utes dur­ing which he man­aged nearly to make me cry by his heart­break­ing state­ments, tell me that the whole Indian, Arab, Amer­i­can world is mad at me and that Indian “Secret Ser­vices” (wow! I am now really afraid) are mad at me as well, the phone­line dropped. I hoped at that point he under­stood the les­son and he would have pro­ceeded to remove ALL the con­tents related to me from his web­site, mate­r­ial, bill­boards, screensavers.

But… no! After a few min­utes I got this SMS message:

in which he is basi­cally telling me: “If you want me stop abus­ing of your image, you must remove the arti­cles you wrote from Zone-​H first and only after I will remove the con­tents from my website”.

In this view and to teach Mr. Qureshey a les­son in lifestyle, I am not only leav­ing all the con­tents on Zone-​H but I am also adding this new arti­cle, putting the entire phone con­ver­sa­tion, with­out edit­ing and craps so that any­body can judge and make up their own mind.

click to hear

I didn’t know what image to put as back­ground of the audio player so I decided to use the World Intel­lec­tual Prop­erty Orga­ni­za­tion logo. E2-​labs declared to have received an award from such orga­ni­za­tion. Con­sid­er­ing the cur­rent issues between Zone-​H and E2-​labs, this award is really puz­zling me. It’s like giv­ing the peace Nobel price to Jack the ripper…

I also keep receiv­ing inter­est­ing mate­r­ial from cur­rent stu­dents, old stu­dents, old employess, old part­ners, old teach­ers whom coop­er­ated with E2-​labs in the past. I want to thank all of them for pro­vid­ing me enough *orig­i­nal* mate­r­ial to be used even­tu­ally to keep the saga going on. Let’s see if there would be the necessity…

Keep send­ing, keep send­ing but anony­mous and unver­i­fi­able state­ments will be sent to /​dev/​null.

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