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20/06/2008 Written by Roberto Preatoni

emmenthalAs promised, we are back online!

We phys­i­cally moved our servers by a bare 3,500 km, in this way we should be in much bet­ter con­di­tion to ful­fill the reg­u­lar servers main­te­nance routine.

We do have a bit of news though. As you prob­a­bly noticed from the top menu, all the lan­guage flags dis­ap­peared. We took the deci­sion to con­cen­trate our efforts on the Eng­lish ver­sion of Zone-​H.

Too many lan­guages brought noth­ing but headaches and work, we are truly sorry for those Zone-​H local­ized ver­sions users but this is some­thing we had to do.

And please, refrain from mail­ing us vol­un­teer­ing for the main­te­nance of this or that local­ized ver­sion. We already had so many bad expe­ri­ences in the past, hav­ing vol­un­teers ask­ing us to open up a local­ized ver­sion, work­ing on it for a cou­ple of months and the dis­ap­pear­ing in the fog. This is our final, not change­able deci­sion and you must sur­vive with it.

In the future we will con­cen­trate in pro­duc­ing a bit more of appeal­ing con­tents and if your Eng­lish is decent and you think you have some­thing intel­li­gent to com­mu­ni­cate to our pub­lic, you are wel­come to con­tribute as a writer. But we already know, we prob­a­bly won’t receive any request in that direc­tion as usu­ally Zone-​H has been the place from where the peo­ple were usu­ally tak­ing with­out giv­ing back.

Take the Zone-​H comics for exam­ple: it was an excit­ing project. It lasted for a cou­ple of years dur­ing which we pro­duced four episodes. Yes, it took six months of hard work to pro­duce each episode, hav­ing two peo­ple work­ing hard on the graphic mod­el­ing and ren­der­ing. A lot of work, indeed and peo­ple down­loaded nearly 200,000 Zone-​H comics episodes directly from our web­site, some more from the Asta​lav​ista​.box​.sk repos­i­tory, thou­sands of CDs were dis­trib­uted directly at the secu­rity con­fer­ences and even in bun­dle with IT mag­a­zines. All for free.

But when we asked to get some vol­un­teers to help us with the pro­duc­tion of the Zone-​H comics… nobody raised the hand. The only guy who vol­un­teered to pro­duce the Zone-​H music tracks that were avail­able from our Hero-​Z web­site was Minor, who is now a per­ma­nent mem­ber of our team and even joined the Zone-​H team of inter­na­tional secu­rity lec­turer and sem­i­nar teach­ers, hav­ing the chance to travel all around the world. Call him stupid :)

All these rants to say what? That if you are will­ing to con­tribute you’ll just be wel­come. But you should be really worthy…

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