Phoenix Lander project website defaced: UPDATED!

03/06/2008 Written by minor + vympel

phoenixThe Phoenix Mars Lan­der has finally landed on Mars’ sur­face. The web­site of the project imme­di­ately grabbed atten­tion of thou­sands of vis­i­tors look­ing for pic­tures from red planet and also defac­ers who defaced project’s web­site on May 31st.

The web­site hosted by Lunar and Plan­e­tary Lab­o­ra­tory of Uni­ver­sity of Ari­zona was defaced by sql loverz crew 2008 mem­bers. Three deface­ments were reported by Turk­ish defac­ers Cr@zy_King (deface­ment mir­ror of fawkes1​.lpl​.ari​zona​.edu and deface­ment mir­ror of phoenix​.lpl​.ari​zona​.edu ) and by BLaSTER (deface­ment mir­ror of fawkes3​.lpl​.ari​zona​.edu).

As secu­rity guru Dan­cho Danchev reported in his blog, web­site was defaced first by Ukrain­ian defacer called VITAL.

Such web­site was taken down tem­porar­ily by the admin­is­tra­tors to fix(?) the holes. As spokes­woman of the project Sara Ham­mond stated: “None of the sci­en­tific data was ever at risk.”

It is not the first time, when defac­ers hit NASA or NASA affil­i­ated web­site, so it should be already known that post­ing inter­est­ing infor­ma­tions attracts vis­i­tors and attack­ers too, that’s the intrin­sic nature of the Web. This time it was “only” deface­ment, but the next time attack­ers might decide to go for a less evi­dent hack, infect­ing it with a tro­jan, as the lat­est phish­ers’ trends are showing .


In the last days many government’s web­sites and famous com­pa­nies were defaced by the team ISCN (from Iran) which is exploit­ing the flaw in DNN (DotNetNuke).

Also some sites from the NASA were defaced by the SSH-​2 (Chile) using flaw in remote code exe­cu­tion in PERL. Mis­con­fig­u­ra­tion flaw on these web­sites was used by IR4DEX, Dig­i­tal­Mind (both from Brazil) and by Mafia Hack­ing Team (from Iran).

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