Security means...?

04/10/2007 Written by Jakub Maslowski

laptopWe all heard about com­pa­nies spend­ing cash on secu­rity audits, fol­low­ing very strict secu­rity polices, hir­ing secu­rity spe­cial­ists etc. And all that to feel safe and whats more impor­tant to look safe out­side as this starts to be impor­tant vec­tor in war for cus­tomers. Study shows that com­pa­nies started to real­ize that remote work­ers are dan­ger­ous for them, so every­thing what can be done is being done to min­i­mize this danger.

From deploy­ing vir­tual pri­vate net­works, imple­ment­ing token autho­riza­tion and train­ing staff in mat­ter of poten­tial harm, that can be done by hack­ers, if they suc­ceed, to takeover a sin­gle home machine that is used to “get work done”. IT depart­ment is often help­less to warn about what is get­ting to be installed (i.e. updates of oper­at­ing sys­tems or antivirus soft­ware) and who got access to those home desk­tops. Peo­ple respon­si­ble for secu­rity in com­pa­nies know that hacker who man­ages to steal login infor­ma­tion using some sort of virus, could cause havoc in company’s net­work not even know­ing where the build­ing of com­pany is located, so work­ers that demand remote access from their employ­ers often gets “work-​laptops”.

But that doesn’t solve all the prob­lems, as more and more often we read about per­sonal data get­ting exposed in… lap­top theft! Gap Inc. stated that lap­top stor­ing per­sonal infor­ma­tion of more then 800 thou­sands job appli­cants was stolen from the offices, Com­put­er­world informed on last Fri­day. Data includ­ing Social Secu­rity num­bers along with other per­sonal info.

CEO Glenn Mur­phy in a state­ment said: “We’re review­ing the facts and cir­cum­stances that led to this inci­dent closely, and will take appro­pri­ate steps to help pre­vent some­thing like this from hap­pen­ing again.”

Wasn’t there enough such “acci­dents” ear­lier this year to learn about it? Why actions are being taken now? What will change after this inci­dent that couldn’t be done before it hap­pened? Once again we are wit­ness­ing data breach, that proved that no mat­ter how much cash you will spend, how strict your secu­rity pol­icy will be, how much time and effort you put in train­ing your staff, you are never safe, and we should keep that in mind sub­mit­ting our per­sonal infor­ma­tion to dif­fer­ent sources.…next time it could be you!

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