Weapons of Mass Distraction.

29/08/2007 Written by tripwire

Pow­er­ful weapons are being stud­ied, devel­oped and deployed on the Mid­dle East bat­tle­field. They are lethal, and meant to destroy the opponent’s morale thanks to a well-​known “shock and awe” tac­tic.

But they do not require explo­sives, nor they require expen­sive train­ing to be launched or oper­ated: on the con­trary, they’re so cheap com­pared to the dam­age they can impose on the enemy, that they are more and more spread every day.

To build these weapons is also very easy: it just takes a few chicks and guys in need of some easy cash, a cam­era, and a web server.

West­ern porn sites (mainly Amer­i­can ones) begun to explore the “eth­nic sex” mar­ket niche a few years ago, but only after 2002 many started to dis­play sto­ries about “arab xxxx”, which is quite under­stand­able from a psycho(pato)logical point of view, given the inter­est in every­thing Ara­bic that arose after 9/​11, and the sub­se­quent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Some of them are even, patri­ot­i­cally, sup­port­ing the “war on ter­ror” by show­ing humil­i­ated, enslaved and help­lessly xxxxxxed Mid­dle East beau­ties. Some­times they are dis­played while being “hap­pily” raped by guys dressed as US Marines, and so on. But those sites were, and still are, aimed at a west­ern audi­ence.

Now west­ern porn sites begin to be pub­lished in Ara­bic lan­guage, aimed straight at Mid­dle East audi­ences.

The largest increase in Inter­net adop­tion growth rate since the year 2000 was in the Mid­dle East region. Even in Gaza, it is esti­mated that 8% of the pop­u­la­tion has some sort of access to the Inter­net. Many more are access­ing from Saudi Ara­bia, Jor­dan, Syria, EUA, Lebanon, Iran, and so on.

Israeli #1 porn site sta­tis­tics show that, in 2007, more than 10% of their vis­i­tors come from those coun­tries, even if there are strong censorship-​enforcing sys­tems put in place by their gov­ern­ments try­ing to avoid it.

Of course, we can sup­pose that many more users from the above coun­tries reach those sites through some anony­mous, encrypted proxy ser­vice, or via Tor, there­fore appar­ently com­ing from some west­ern loca­tion. By the way, this is a demon­stra­tion that those cen­sor­ship sys­tems do not work.

It’s dig­i­tal war­fare at its best. We could call them Weapons of Mass Dis­trac­tion.

In the con­ser­v­a­tive Mus­lim world, sex is enjoyed as every­where else on Earth, only it is a pri­vate, totally hush-​hush thing. To show a female breast in pub­lic is a major offence, and can be pun­ished with extreme sever­ity. Sex out­side mar­riage is a crime. Many sex­ual tech­niques, which are com­mon among teenagers in the west, are offi­cially ille­gal in those coun­tries.

The effect of those extremely graphic porn sites, writ­ten in Ara­bic, on a grow­ing Mid­dle East audi­ence, is poten­tially more dev­as­tat­ing in the medium term than a full scale con­ven­tional war.

If you get exposed, and then used, to west­ern porn, well, not only your pri­vate moral­ity but even your pub­lic moral­ity will became weaker over time. You’ll begin ques­tion­ing the social order, fam­ily val­ues and tra­di­tions, reli­gion, women role in soci­ety, the gov­ern­ment, every­thing: it’s much more effec­tive than a high alti­tude bomb­ing, indeed.

After all, Weapons of Mass Dis­trac­tion were mas­sively used against west­ern pop­u­la­tions since 40 years now, and they proved to be extremely effec­tive: so it is inevitable that they will be as much if not more lethal when fired against the Mid­dle East cul­ture, tra­di­tions and insti­tu­tions.

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