Skeletons in Hyderabad's cyber-closet - PART ONE?

04/11/2009 Written by Roberto Preatoni

Once upon a time, back in year 2003 the Indian news­pa­per The Times of India pub­lished a strange arti­cle titled “Hack­ers strike sites at will, govt helpless”

The story was about an Amer­i­can hacker (named Der­ren War­ren, the name in the arti­cle was changed by his request) hired by an undis­closed secu­rity com­pany located in Hyder­abad. The man­ager of this com­pany asked Der­ren to per­form hack­ing activites against India’s crit­i­cal gov­ern­ment servers, being this job cov­ered by a reg­u­lar pen­e­tra­tion test con­tract. Der­ren dili­gently per­formed the assigned tasks, suc­cess­fully com­pro­mis­ing sev­eral servers and as a proof of suc­cess he down­loaded from those servers a lot of crit­i­cal data.

But later on…

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E2-labs, the long lasting saga

03/11/2009 Written by Roberto Preatoni

The long last­ing, Bollywood’s favorite saga between E2-​labs and Zone-​H is far away from being fin­ished. For those heart-​breaking soap-​operas addicted, we have more bits and bytes of today’s India’s hot topic with *spe­cial* mul­ti­me­dia effects. Wel­come to the Web 2.0 world!

Zaki Qureshey

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Answer to E2-lab's website post

03/11/2009 Written by Roberto Preatoni

We aknowl­edge E2-lab’s post (reported in bold beneath) on their web­site home­page, here is our answer:

Let me come to the point. I write to you with utmost grief as I read cou­ple of days back a post in a web­site (www​.zone​-​h​.org) defam­ing E2-​Labs.

Dear Mr. Qureshey, we don’t defame any­one. We just stated the facts. Don’t play sur­prised about Zone-H’s last posts, you have been warned dur­ing the last months sev­eral times. Such posts are the nat­ural result of your uneth­i­cal busi­ness practices.

Let me put forth some of the facts before you one by one.
1.You men­tioned and claimed in your post that we did not dis­trib­ute the cer­tifi­cates to the cor­po­rate train­ing par­tic­i­pants. This is absolutely false since you are as well aware that the three pro­grams such as hands on Hack­ing unlim­ited, Hands on Web appli­ca­tion secu­rity and hands on wire­les secu­rity cer­tifi­cates offered were ready but not signed hence could not be dis­trib­uted. Fur­ther, out of three sets one set was dis­trib­uted and two sets still await­ing your sig­na­ture, and I believe it’s uneth­i­cal prac­tice that Zone-​h did not sign inspite of you receiv­ing com­plete pay­ment. When asked about the sig­na­ture you assured me that you will be com­ing back to India very soon and hence will sign it then.

Let me answer to you with the utter­most tech­ni­cal terms in my knowl­edge: BULLSHIT

The things are in the way we say. In fact being your com­pany the orga­nizer of the course, if we didn’t really sign the cer­tifi­cates why didn’t you sign them by your­self? You had all the rights to do so. The truth is that you scammed your stu­dents, period.

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More on the E2-Labs scam

29/10/2009 Written by Roberto Preatoni

With the pre­vi­ous arti­cle, we explained that the E2-​labs com­pany located in Hyder­abad (India) is cur­rently sell­ing secu­rity train­ings using Zone-H’s image, logos, mate­r­ial with­out per­mis­sion to unaware students.

We are cur­rently receiv­ing emails from enraged stu­dents who, for exam­ple, attended such courses and never got a diploma/​certificate in exchange. In par­tic­u­lar, even those stu­dents who attended the first and only round of courses (Hands on Hack­ing, Web-​apps and Wire­less) gen­uinely held by Zone-​H teach­ers (hav­ing Mr. Roberto Preatoni and Mr. Ger­ardo Di Gia­como as teach­ers) are com­plain­ing about that. To all those stu­dents who par­tic­i­pated to such courses, we want to say that Mr. Zaki Qureshey, asked us to sign all the diplo­mas (for each of the three courses and for each of the stu­dents, but with­out putting the student’s name on them). At the end of the train­ing ses­sions, he asked us to dis­trib­ute the diplo­mas of one of the three courses to the attend­ing stu­dents, in order to be able to make some “cer­e­mo­nial pic­tures” but he also asked us NOT TO DIS­TRIB­UTE the diploma of the other two courses, he would have done it by him­self later on.

The sus­pect now is that he never handed over such diplo­mas (again, we signed them with no stu­dents names on them) in order to be able to give them to other stu­dents, maybe at the end of a FAKE Zone-​H course orga­nized later on by him­self using our brand and mate­r­ial with­out permission.

To all of those who incurred in such scam we ask to mail us send­ing all pos­si­ble details of it.

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[updated] Zone-H statement on security trainings offered by

27/10/2009 Written by Roberto Preatoni

This is an offi­cial state­ment in which Zone​-​H​.org declares that has NOTH­ING TO DO with those hands on hack­ing classes offered by the Indian com­pany named e2-​labs (www​.e2​-labs​.com).


The facts:

Zone-​H and E2labs indeed entered into an agree­ment in year 2007 so that Zone-​H would have had to pro­vide first-​class secu­rity train­ing within the Indian ter­ri­tory. Right after enter­ing into the agree­ment, Mr. Zaki Qureshey the E2-​lab CEO orga­nized a sin­gle sem­i­nar ses­sion in which Zone-​H pro­vided train­ing to some of E2-​labs students.

Before enter­ing into the agree­ment, Zone-​H was warned by other renowned secu­rity pro­fes­sion­als who for­merly offered ser­vices to E2-​labs that such com­pany had the very bad habit not to pay for the ren­dered ser­vice and to mis­use the name and brands of those with whom was cooperating.

We had a taste of this when Mr. Qureshey orga­nized a press con­fer­ence in which was announc­ing our part­ner­ship dur­ing which, with­out being pre­vi­ously informed, we dis­cov­ered that behind the press-​release table it was dis­played a huge ban­ner with E2-​labs and Zone-​H logos (which was fine) but also those logos and names of Zone-​H part­ners (the list was sup­pos­edly taken from our web­site) that had noth­ing to do with E2-​labs nor with our agree­ment (one for all: inse​cure​.org).

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