Stolen credit cards: the business

28/06/2007 Written by Alberto Redi (halfmoon)

 There are hun­dreds of meth­ods used by Cyber pranksters to steal data and make money online, but some­times their non­cha­lance in per­pe­trat­ing such ille­gal acts gets close to arrogance.

For exam­ple, con­sider the theft of credit cards num­bers. There is an unimag­in­able num­ber of doc­u­mented cases show­ing how stolen credit cards are used by cyber crim­i­nals to “go shop­ping” online or to run busi­nesses where such cards are sold to third par­ties for a ridicu­lous price… but that’s not all.

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Cyber crime on Second Life

27/06/2007 Written by Boris Mutina (minor)

 Peo­ple often see every­day life as a real chal­lenge: leav­ing the bed and going to the office could be even unbear­able, so that some­one could choose not to go out at all and meet friends, go shop­ping, make money on Sec­ond Life.

For those who are not usual Sec­ond Life– goers: Sec­ond Life is 3D vir­tual world. You can join it, cre­ate your new per­son­al­ity and your new phys­i­cal aspect, walk, fly, have fun with friends… you can buy a land, and you can also make vir­tual money that you can then trans­fer to real money. Online…

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Microsoft Defaced, again!

27/06/2007 Written by Giovanni Delvecchio & Roberto Preatoni

 Very lit­tle time has passed from the last Microsoft deface­ment (Microsoft Tech­net), when yes­ter­day Saudi Ara­bia crack­ers suc­cess­fully com­pro­mised another Microsoft web­site: Microsoft​.co​.uk at the page http://​www​.microsoft​.co​.uk/​e​v​e​n​t​s​/​n​e​t​/​e​v​e​n​t​d​e​t​a​i​l​.​a​s​p​x​?​e​v​e​n​t​i​d​=8399.

At the time being, the deface­ment is still up and run­ning even though not every browser will be capa­ble to show it as too many users are try­ing now to load the hacker’s injected CSS (Cas­cad­ing Style Sheet) located on an exter­nal host ( which now has is suf­fer­ing slow response time.

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Hack Yourself!

26/06/2007 Written by Roberto Preatoni (SyS64738)

 SANS Inter­net Storm Cen­ter pub­lished a bul­letin on Fri­day that casts a new light on the capa­bil­i­ties of Social Engi­neer­ing. The report describes a web­site whose vis­i­tors were infected with mal­ware. And here is the prob­lem since accord­ing to the author, Mr. Bojan Zdrnja, the site didn’t use the nearly uni­ver­sal tech­nique of an iframe, which allows exploit code to be siphoned in from another web­site .

So what? We are fac­ing a case of pure Social Engi­neer­ing tech­nique.. and quite an effec­tive one.

As reported by the Inter­net Storm Cen­ter, “ When vis­ited, the web page in ques­tion (a game site related to RuneScape) shows cou­ple of bro­ken icons and all links just point to another web page that con­ve­niently inform the user that his ver­sion of Macro­me­dia Flash Player needs to be updated. After this notice, the user is redi­rected to a web site host­ing a com­plete replica of the Shock­wave Player Down­load Center”.

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International Espionage: Blackberry banned to French Officials

25/06/2007 Written by Alberto Redi (halfmoon)

 French offi­cials aren’t any longer allowed to use Black­berry to send and receive e-​mails because of secu­rity con­cerns, the news­pa­per Le Monde reports .

The fear for poten­tial espi­onage activ­i­ties - specif­i­cally, snoop­ing by the U.S. National Secu­rity Agency (NSA)- con­vinced French author­i­ties to for­bid the use of Black­berry devices in min­istries and in other gov­ern­men­tal areas.A sim­i­lar warn­ing had been already released 18 months ago by France’s Gen­eral Sec­re­tariat for National Defense.

The warn­ing was based on a study by French head of eco­nomic intel­li­gence, point­ing out the secu­rity threats brought about Blackberries.

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