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20/06/2008 Written by Roberto Preatoni

emmenthalAs promised, we are back online!

We phys­i­cally moved our servers by a bare 3,500 km, in this way we should be in much bet­ter con­di­tion to ful­fill the reg­u­lar servers main­te­nance routine.

We do have a bit of news though. As you prob­a­bly noticed from the top menu, all the lan­guage flags dis­ap­peared. We took the deci­sion to con­cen­trate our efforts on the Eng­lish ver­sion of Zone-​H.

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Phoenix Lander project website defaced: UPDATED!

03/06/2008 Written by minor + vympel

phoenixThe Phoenix Mars Lan­der has finally landed on Mars’ sur­face. The web­site of the project imme­di­ately grabbed atten­tion of thou­sands of vis­i­tors look­ing for pic­tures from red planet and also defac­ers who defaced project’s web­site on May 31st.

The web­site hosted by Lunar and Plan­e­tary Lab­o­ra­tory of Uni­ver­sity of Ari­zona was defaced by sql loverz crew 2008 mem­bers. Three deface­ments were reported by Turk­ish defac­ers Cr@zy_King (deface­ment mir­ror of fawkes1​.lpl​.ari​zona​.edu and deface­ment mir­ror of phoenix​.lpl​.ari​zona​.edu ) and by BLaSTER (deface­ment mir­ror of fawkes3​.lpl​.ari​zona​.edu).

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D.O.M group members arrested

17/05/2008 Written by minor

domMem­bers of D.O.M — group, whose deface­ments are mir­rored in our deface­ment archive — were arrested by Span­ish police. Five mem­bers are sus­pected of “hack­ing into or out­right dis­abling thou­sands of Inter­net pages”, AP informed recently,.

The mem­bers of the group are at age 16 to 20. Inves­ti­ga­tion started as the group defaced web­site of a Span­ish polit­i­cal party Izquierda Unida shortly after gen­eral elec­tion in March. Dur­ing a recent round of inter­views, they painted them­selves as “IT enthu­si­asts, with an atti­tude to help administrators”.

The full list of D.O.M deface­ments con­tained in our archive can be viewed here.

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NATO Cyber defence center created

17/05/2008 Written by minor

map0417Year ago, Esto­nia was a tar­get of mas­sive DoS attack. Now defense sec­re­taries from Esto­nia, Latvia, Lithuana, Ger­many, Italy, Spain and Slo­va­kia signed agree­ment to cre­ate research cen­ter for defense against cyber attacks, Inter­na­tional Her­ald tri­bune informed.

Cen­ter will be based in Esto­nia and should be oper­a­tional already in August this year. Coun­tries involved in this ini­tia­tive will pro­vide staff and funding.

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Web defacements 2007 in sharp decrease (-37%). Is it a good news or bad news?

21/03/2008 Written by Roberto Preatoni

decrease_300We recently pub­lished the 2007 sta­tis­tics based on the data col­lected by Zone-​H. One of the most inter­est­ing fact is the sharp decrease (-37%) of the attacks com­pared to the attacks reported the pre­vi­ous year. In fact, while in year 2006 we filed 752,361 attacks, in year 2007 the reported attacks were “only” 480,905. Since the end of the 90s, when the first mir­ror archives (All­das, Safemode, Attri­tion) started to track web­site deface­ments, this is the first time ever that the trend is show­ing a neg­a­tive figure.

Usu­ally from year to year, we were used to see an aver­age incre­ment of about 30% (in year 2005 the reported attacks were 493,840).

Is this a good news or a bad news? Cer­tainly web­site deface­ments are loos­ing pop­u­lar­ity. A few years ago a Microsoft deface­ment would have hit the news, today there’s no more hype among jour­nal­ists in report­ing such fact. We just got used to it, period.
The inter­est­ing ques­tion is: if the Inter­net user-​base is get­ting larger and larger and if the sys­tems are get­ting weaker and weaker, why the web­site deface­ments are decreas­ing by strong figures?

We do have an answer and to explain it to you we have to go back with our mem­o­ries in year 2005…

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